Born 1973 in Basel

2016 - 2022 assistant at Visual Art School Basel

2015 bis 2019 Studies in Fine Arts at Visual Art School Basel

2009 to 2014 painting course at "Der blaue Raum", Margit Menne

Since 1993 various employments/jobs in marketing and coaching.

> Statement

Solo shows

2022  Gallery KUNST.part Basel

2019  'Luftiges und Pflanzliches' at Galerie Hell, Muttenz

2019  studio opening with exhibition, Allschwil

2016  "From Darkness to Light" - BIZ Bottmingen

2016  "Senses of Nature" - Hotel Euler Basel

Group shows

2023 'Where are you from" - ELEVEN TEN STUDIO Basel

2023 "heimatlos" - SGBK Group exhibition
SGBK exhibition room/ MDC SHOP / Spalenvorstadt 18, Basel
2022 "Synergies" by Trevisan International Art

          Galleria De Marchi, Via Porta Nova 1 b, Bologna, Italy

2022 "Little Treasures" by Trevisan International Art

          Galleria De Marchi, Via Porta Nova 1 b, Bologna, Italy

2021  '#ME - The Artist' Exhibition
          Galerie Katapult, Basel by frontofbicycle Gallery

2021  'Room to Beathe' Exhibition
          Galerie Katapult, Basel by 
frontofbicycle Gallery

2021  online-group show - 'The Woman Show'
2021  ARTBOX.PROJECT World 1.0

2020 Diploma exhibition Visual Art School Basel
2019  work exhibited - Pop-Up Shop Gundeli

2018 'still still'  Ortstmuseum Trotte Arlesheim

2018  Kultmai'le Walzwerk

2017  Ortsmuseum Trotte Arlesheim

2017  Bazar de Noël, Walzwerk

2017  Kultmai'le Walzwerk

2016  Bazar de Noël, Walzwerk

2014  Ortsmuseum Trotte Arlesheim