"...less and less, less, less.... 

the urge to reduce has been with me for years. The search for what is hidden under the many layers makes me 'keep digging'. Can I reduce even more and capture the essence? When do I know that I have arrived at the essence? How much is needed, when is it still too much? It is a constant process of weighing, experimenting, exploring and letting go."

"If I were asked to describe Natacha's painting in two words, I would say 'understated elegance'"

Nicolette Youdim - founder of frontofbicycle Gallery

Natacha is a contemporary artist focused on creating paintings which are characteristically pure and minimalistic. Nature is the true essence of what her work is all about.

Painting and drawing have been part of her life since her youth. Until 2008 she was self-taught and obtained her knowledge and skills through careful observation of her environment. In 2009 she began taking painting classes.

Over the years, the wish for more impulses from outside, new challenges and the need to leave and extend her comfort zone grew stronger in her. Therefore, she decided in 2015 to study Visual Arts at the Visual Art School Basel. Towards the end of the studies, the wish for a simplification and reduction in her artistic work became more and more evident. Through her love for nature, she was intuitively drawn to natural materials.



This urge originated in her environment. For many years, she has been closely observing her behaviour, thoughts, and feelings. The desire for simplification and the effort to find her inner balance became stronger. This simplification turned out to be a significant part not only of her life but has found its way into her artistic work.


She mainly works with materials such as ink, gouache, earth pigment and natural binders. In addition to the common brushes, she also uses materials from nature like panicles, grasses and wood as her creative tools.

A significant part of her creative process is also about recycling and reusing materials. As part of the ‘reuse’ process, she makes paper out of her wastepaper, which she reuses in her artwork.