Course location

Visual Art School Basel, Tramstrasse 66, 4142 Münchenstein

Daily schedule
Mo–Fr 9.00–17.00 Uhr (lunch break 12.30–14.00 Uhr)

CHF 550.– incl. basic material (normal)

CHF 400.– incl. basic material (students)


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Flyer Summerworkshop 2021
Sommerkurs 2021 - Natacha Di Nucci - Red
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"Reduction as Enrichment"

12 - 16 July 2021


When we hear the word "reduction", we often associate it in everyday life with renunciation or a decision against something.


At the same time, however, reduction can also be a decision for something, such as achieving clarity and the competence to make conscious decisions.

In this summer course, we will learn all about clarity in reduced painting.

In order to approach this, we will explore the organic forms and qualities of nature in painting and drawing and set out on the path of reduction with specific exercises.


The following questions will guide us:

  • Which material do I choose and why?
  • What are my sources of inspiration?
  • Which colours do I choose and why?
  • What role does the rhythm of the surfaces and lines play?
  • How do I get my impressions? Do I perceive details or the big picture?
  • How can I use the quality of (the) formal language (surfaces, lines)?
  • What is my personal motivation for choosing reduction?


Technique: ink, watercolour, gouache, pigments, collage, drawing


"Searching for traces", 6 - 10 July 2020
at the Visual Art School Basel, Münchenstein -

  • What are traces? Where do they come from?
  • What type of traces exist?
  • How do they change the inside and the outside?
  • How do hidden or forgotten traces come to the surface again?
  • What quality is behind which trace?
  • What force/power/energy/strength is involved in creating a trace?

We go on a journey in search for answers by drawing and painting with the aim of finding our own expressiveness in the reduction.

The driving force behind this process is as important as the trace

itself. For this we experiment primarily with ink, watercolor, collage and, in addition to the usual brushes, we also use the traces of nature (woods, panicles, etc.) to create new traces.


Depending on the interest and the (remaining) time, we will recycle old

traces (used paper) and create our own paper.